Royal Honey VIP (12 Sachets)


What’s Included in the Package?

Each packaging contains 12 sachets to be used for 60 days by men and 120 days by women. The prescribed dosage should be committe to

Benefits of Royal Honey VIP:

For Men:

* Supports sexual excitement, especially at old age
* Is helpful for poor erection and promotes sexual satisfaction
* Prolonge intercourse and slows down quick ejaculation

For Women:

* Promotes Womens fertility and delays menopauses
* Regulates the menstrual cycle and reduces menstrual cramps
* Treats uterus fibrosis and enhances ovulation

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Royal Honey VIP

Biotivity is a reputable MALAYSIAN company that has been in business for several decades and whose goods have received widespread praise from customers. Our researchers are continually looking for new ways to introduce cutting-edge physiotherapy treatments and improve product quality to world-class levels. That give us Royal Honey VIP Our organisation is dedicated to giving the greatest services to its consumers by staying in constant contact with them, polling their ideas and suggestions, and bringing modern, high-quality, and effective solutions to assure a healthy lifestyle.
Medivitalfarm has accomplished amazing successes throughout its history, introducing innovative natural solutions for the treatment of a variety of ailments.


Our organisation has been determined to secure the best wild honey produced traditionally from specific types of wils flowers with no artificial additions as part of our efforts to build our Royal Honey for Him brand. The purest forms of the rare tongat ali seeds, which are more than 50 years old and can only be found in the most precious and dependable type of ginseng, are used in the product because it is plentiful with free compounds that are useful for the treatment of many disorders.

Royal Honey VIP is formulated with the finest natural extracts, based on many years of tests and research. Our product has been shown to be effective in the treatment of a variety of illnesses

WHY Royal Honey VIP?

It is common knowledge that major international corporations have their own brands. Our Royal Honey for him is similarly well-liked and trusted by both our company and our customers. The therapeutic value of the product has substantially increased as it treats a wide range of disorders after being enhanced with rare extracts and chemicals that provide the most advanced treatments in physiotherapy. As a result, Royal Honey VIP is unquestionably the ideal natural solution for individuals who recognise the value of good health.


Usage For Women :

Add half a sachets ( 5 g ) to a glass of cold or hot water ( 200 ml ) very 5 days once after lunch or dinner. Keep the other half in the fridge till the following dosage

Usage for men :

Add one sachet ( 10 g ) to one glass of cold water ( 200 ml ), and consume every 5 days once, after lunch or dinner.
The contents of the sachetmay be administered every 5 days once without being added to water

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1 Box, 4 Boxes, 8 Boxes, 12 Boxes, 24 Boxes, 50 Boxes


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