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No. 1 Royal Honey selling website all over the USA. Started in 2019, selling the best and most innovative herbal supplements.
Our goal is to make your life easier by providing you with a personalised, courteous, and trustworthy option to buy for your basics – all without leaving the comfort of your sofa. ThirstyRun was based on the principles of teamwork, trust, and customer devotion, which are evident in every part of the business.

Royal Honey



We utilise Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and standardised extracts in our in-house operational processes, and our goods are made in ISO 9001-certified facilities under tight quality supervision. The whole manufacturing process complies with the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau's, Ministry of Health's, and World Health Organization's (WHO) laws.


We believe it is our moral obligation to produce Original Royal Honey that reduces our carbon footprint. We're always searching for innovative methods to make our brands more accessible to everyone and to involve our company in the community.


In addition, we provide advice and help in the following areas: Raw material sourcing and processing (local and global sources). Extraction of raw ingredients into powder using water, suitable for encapsulation. Formulation and product development Packaging design and idea services. As part of our service to our clients, a licenced nutritionist is available for free consultations on any health issues or dietary questions.


To achieve world-class management, we collaborate closely with a professional consultant. At the moment, we have a team of professional employees, specialists, and pharmacists working in unison to produce high-quality concentrated herbal formula. We also work with biotechnological and medical institutes to arrange collaborative research initiatives. One such initiative is the training and development of local organic planters so that they may learn how to cultivate herbs that satisfy our strict standards.